Aim & Scope

International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data (ITB 2018)
Venue: … University
… … – …, 2018
… city, Canada

The International Conference on Internet of Things and Big Data (ITB 2018) will be held from Month .. – .., 2018 in … University, … city, Canada. Through its technical program, the conference aims to provide an outstanding opportunity for both academic and industrial communities alike to address new trends and challenges, emerging technologies and progress in standards on topics relevant to today’s fast moving areas of Internet of Things and Big Data. This workshop will discuss new results in the field of Internet of Things and Big Data.

ITB 2018 will offer oral, poster sessions, tutorials and, professional meetings. The program of the ITB 2018 Conference intends to foster interaction so as to open the way to future cooperation between participants. All researchers and teams who develop research or recently became interested in the domains of Internet of Things and Big Data are invited. Submitted papers are expected to cover state-of-the-art technologies, theoretical concepts, standards, products implementation, ongoing research projects and innovative applications of the Internet of Things and Big Data technologies use.

All accepted papers (regular, short, and poster) will be published by … and will be available in

Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original research in all areas of Internet of Things and Big Data. Original unpublished manuscripts, and not currently under review in another journal or conference, are solicited in relevant areas including, but not limited to:

Internet of Things:

  •     Wireless communications
  •     Understanding Networks and Networking protocols
  •     Sensors and hardware programming
  •     Smart Cities (Smart parking, Smartphone detection, Traffic congestion, Smart lighting, etc.)
  •     Smart Water (Potable water monitoring, Chemical leakage detection in rivers, River floods, etc.)
  •     Retail (Supply chain control, Intelligent shopping applications, Smart product management, etc.)
  •     Logistics (Quality of shipment conditions, Item location, etc.)
  •     Industrial Control (M2M Applications, Indoor air quality, Temperature monitoring, etc.)
  •     Smart Agriculture (Green houses)
  •     Digital Health-care / Telehealth / Telemedicine
  •     Cloud computing
  •     IP multimedia subsystems
  •     Connectivity
  •     Smart Farming
  •     Smart Grids

Big Data:

  •     IA and information systems
  •     ICT integration in education
  •     Information and knowledge management
  •     Information hiding and watermarking
  •     Information technologies
  •     Information theory/coding
  •     Architectures for Big Data
  •     Big Data Analytics
  •     Storage, Data, and Analytics Clouds
  •     Federal Big Data Cloud Configuration, Performance, and Capacity
  •     Big Data Search
  •     Big Data applications: Bio-informatics, Multimedia, Smart-phones, etc
  •     Data mining, graph mining and data science
  •     Cloud and grid computing for Big Data
  •     Hardware/software infrastructure for Big Data
  •     Role of Big Data issues in Pervasive Systems
  •     Data Mining Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
  •     Big Data Analytics applied to Smart Cities
  •     Role of Big Data issues in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks
  •     Challenges and opportunities for the electric energy industry
  •     Big Data advantages for electric energy trading
  •     Big Data and Energy Systems Integration
  •     Big Data and Energy Efficiency
  •     Big Data and Electricity Demand Forecasting
  •     Big Data and Energy Management
  •     The role of Big Data in improving power system operation and protection
  •     Smart electrical grid with Big Data
  •     Image Processing and Reconstruction
  •     Video Processing and Reconstruction